Admit Your Shortcomings

By: Michael Flanigan

I think that probably the hardest thing in life is to admit your shortcomings. They’re usually seen as a sign of weakness and it’s always good “company policy” to not point out the weaknesses. That makes some sense, but by not admitting your shortcomings you could be selling yourself short in your marketing and business.

I’ll explain what I mean. I read another great article by Copyblogger called: The Dysfunctional Guide to Blogging (and Business) Success. It’s an entire article on how people  basically  just talk about their failures and thoughts on life and have a huge following. The question is why? Well as I know and the blog points out, people want to see that you’re human too.

Let’s face it. No one is perfect and people make products, which means products aren’t perfect. Telling people what something isn’t can be better than telling them what it is. Why you may ask? Well, because if you tell them what it isn’t their expectations can be held in check.

Think about all the online reviews for great products that turn out to be bad. The greatest example of this is infomercials. I’d like to see one that actually that tells everything the product doesn’t do, that’d be funny. The hype is always around the great features of the product and very few live up to the name and so these products get bad wraps, because they aren’t properly managing people’s expectations.

I’d love to actually be able to drive a car like they do on car commercials, but the reality is that other people have cars and traffic is a reality. That means that I can’t feel the wind in my hair most of the time and drive like race car driver. Those images are nice, but they don’t really manage what people expect.

In this very visual and digital age try admitting what you are not and the results may surprise you. People like to see that humanity and you’ll be able to manage their expectations.

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